Friday, October 12, 2012

Friends with a Menage Queen

—and her husband

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. You all may know me as “friend”, or “mutual friend” or even “friend of the family”. There are only a chosen few of you, that know my real name and what part I play in this relationship, but that is about to change with this blog.

My name is Marcello. I will not give my last name. No offense, but I do have family back in Napoli. LOL!

I am the very best friend of Guiseppe, Stephanie Williams’ husband. We have known each other for over 35 years. I have known Stephanie for 22 years. Guiseppe introduced me to her the second year he knew her.

I was smitten.

They were just good friends at the time. At least that’s what Stephanie kept telling herself. Guiseppe wanted more, but kept their relationship on a pure friendship basis. He was a bit, how you say…. frustrated. It was funny watching them together and Guiseppe trying everything to get her to see him as more than a friend.

I on the other hand, made my move. And she turned me down too. I couldn’t figure her out. She was so…so proper. Maybe that’s not the right word. But she would not date either one of us—then.

For me, she said I was too freaky. Not in looks, but she had this in her mind that I did odd things in bed and I would not be faithful. Not true on either.  I don’t know where she got that from. She said I just looked it.

Don’t know what that means to this day. I’m an average looking Southern Italian. Tall. Okay, Not all Italians are tall. I work out. My hair is longer than average and black. My eyes are not your normal what you think Italian eyes are. They are blue.

Does that sound freaky?

Oh well. My definition of freaky and hers may not be the same.

To no ones surprise, a couple of decades later, the two dated, then two years after that married. I was the best man. I was honored to be a part of their wedding. I am also honored to be a part of their lives now.

Our relationship is not complicated as some might think.

Guiseppe loves Stephanie very much. He will lie, steal, cheat and kill for her.

But so will I. You see, I love her too.

Still confused?

Read her ménage books. You’ll get it.

As you read from Guiseppes’ blog, Stephanie researched the ménage a trois lifestyle for her books, for months.

We joked around with her, making her feel uncomfortable. But Guiseppe and I enjoyed it. She didn’t know if we were being jokers. Pulling her leg as you say.

We let it drop for a while.

Then she started writing ménages. She has a few books now and several waiting to get published.

But unlike some books out there, her characters do not go through the motions. I mean, they are not having sex with each other for sex sake. They have a deep relationship beyond the bedroom. I think her ménage books are strong with character development.

That’s hard to write about I think, since most readers I believe want to read about the kinky sex. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have read other ménage books and they are not a deep as hers. Okay, I admit, I am biased, but I’m honest.

You maybe asking, if Stephanie comes to me for advise when writing these stories. She does. What she wants from me however is different from what she wants from her husband. And I mean that in more ways than one.

But I will not go into that.

I will always be the third partner brought into a committed relationship. So those are the questions she asks. For example, “How would you feel if another man asks you to sleep with her girlfriend/wife? And do you have to already have to have a relationship with them?

Is this coming from personal experience? I think you as the reader can figure that out.

Guiseppe and I are of the same mind, however we each bring something different to Stephanie in a way of research.

She can always come to me and ask anything that has to do with physical love. But she can also come to me when it comes to emotions too. Doesn’t that play a role in a ménage too?

Does her husband, my best friend, mind this relationship we have?

He encouraged it. He is a confidant man when it comes to his relationship with Stephanie. And he trusts for me to take care of her when he is not there or unable to. You may interpret that as you feel so. But that’s all you need to know.

How does Stephanie feel about me? She allowed me into her life, into her home and into her heart. And I think as a friend I could not ask for anything more.

To find out more about this lovely woman go to her blog: 

Her Ménage Books:

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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Adventures Of A University Student part 2

...But back to the past couple of weeks. The next night, Friday September 7th, went back out to another club called Morrison’s II (which is full of drunken students from different Universities haha) where I had fun dancing once again with the two French guys but this time the Spanish guy, Canadian guy and a Spanish couple came along as well. It was a total blast and I really enjoyed hanging out with these people. Becoming better friends with them as well, the longer I hung out with them (well minus the Canadian guy…he gave me the creeps).
And Saturday, I don’t remember what I did as it has been a few weeks since then. But Sunday the two French guys left which was a bummer because they were a fun pair to be around and talk with as they were really funny. But Monday, the 10th of September, the first day of classes started. I was definitely nervous as hell because who wouldn’t be when studying in a foreign country and you don’t know the language…at all. I am learning day by day though. But I only had one class that day so it wasn’t too bad. The class is called International Relations from 1945 to present. I wanted to take this class because I don’t really know a whole lot about IR in the first place as it isn’t really talked about in the United States unless you are in specific courses that deal with IR issues and what have you.
Tuesday is my longest day of classes as I have three classes but two of them are lecture and seminar classes. So the first class I have is called History of Modern Europe which I have at eight o’clock in the lovely, early morning. And after that is seminar but there is a fifteen/twenty minute break so can get something to eat or go to the toilet (which is ni~ice haha). I really like this Modern Europe course because it is talking mainly about issues that deal with Hungarian history and countries surrounding Hungary. Hence why I am taking the course since history is one of my favorite subjects. I have a break through lunch time so that gives me some time to eat food which is dearly loved. After lunch is my Introduction to Civilization which I found out is a requirement class for all incoming, you guessed it, freshman. So about three quarters of the students in that class are either eighteen or nineteen years old…And are still high schoolers in my mind. They just yap away, not caring what the Professor is talking about. It’s like, if you’re going to talk during class, sit in the back of the room so I don’t have to listen to your bullshit when I’m trying to learn something interesting. And this class is really interesting because Civilization through the ages has always been a sore subject considering that colonization has not always been kind to those who were thought to be uncivilized. After this class is my British Civilization class which I have learned that the United States teaches jack-shit of British history. I only knew one or two questions out of the ten or fifteen the Professor asked the first day. So I am definitely going to like this class. The Professor is also making the native English speakers do presentations but I have to remember to speak slowly so people can understand what I’m saying considering that the majority of the people in the class are not native English speakers…Native, native, native (need to stop saying that haha). So I get to do a presentation about Education in the US and in Britain…more specifically on Universities in the United States. But I need to ask the Professor if I can ask the students what they want to learn about so it will be easier to focus on that then me trying to figure out what would hold their interest in such a boring presentation I’m sure.
But after that class is the seminar for my Civilization class which doesn’t get out until six o’clock in the lovely evening. So I’m pretty much at school for the whole day. Which isn’t bad or anything, it’s just a really long day. Then on Wednesday, I have my Hungarian language course which is definitely nice but I really have to practice, practice, practice my Hungarian because I have a really hard time remembering things. So I have repeat words over and over again so that I remember them otherwise I won’t be getting anywhere in this class. And I’m glad that I’ll be having it for a semester and hopefully I’ll be able to continue learning next semester as well. After this class is, finally one of my Sociology classes, Trends in Sociological Theory which I have deemed to be very interesting. Not just of the subject of the course but because I can sometimes not understand the Professor. Why? Accent. It’s sometimes hard for me to understand the words he is speaking because he pronounces them differently than what I have heard or know, or I just can’t understand what he is saying. Hah! But so far, so good.
On Thursday, I don’t have a class until 2:50pm which is my other Sociology class called Social Problems in the Media which is going to be a piece of cake as it is not anywhere near the difficulty level of the courses back at my home University. But in this class we get to do a presentation and I’m doing mine on, with two other girls, sports! And we can use any media forms to present sports and how people view them. Or something along those lines. I wanted to do sports considering how huge they are in the United States, especially football (which obviously is going on right now). And after Thursday, I have my lovely weekend until Monday when I have class at 1:10pm.
That weekend, I can’t remember what I did but I probably went to the Great Market Hall that is right next door to my University to get fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and bread. And after that I went back to the hostel to hang out with the people I know since there is a bar on the ground floor (hostel is on the second and third floor) and we can chat for quite a long time there without people being annoying.
Then the second week of classes came to be and I realized I really need to go about getting all my paperwork together so I can go to the Immigration office to apply for my Visa…which I need before thirty days. So I had to get some paperwork from the guy that’s between me and my landlord. I guess he would be called the property manager but in any case, he’s super nice and his wife is his partner in the business who is super nice as well (and they both speak lovely English, yay!). Then on Thursday, September 20th, I finally was able to go to the Immigration office. And I can now officially compare it to the DMV back home in the states. Why? Because you get a number and then you have to wait forever until your turn. I waited for about two hours before my number was called and it only lasted for about ten minutes. Hah! Though I did get lost trying to find my way there but I did find the damn building. And now I have put in my Visa request and I will be sorely pissed if I’m not granted my Visa. But I have an appointment to go back on the 5th of October and by god, I better have the damn thing. And then on the 21st, I went to this exhibition called “The Invisible Exhibition” where one was able to experience the life of a blind person. It was very liberating and mind numbing to be able to understand how people who cannot see anything are able to live day by day and be able to do the things that people who sight take for granted. Like dodging people when you see them coming or moving out of the way of a bike when it’s coming straight towards you. There are just simple things that we people with sight take for granted. And if we ever lose it, it would take a very long time for us to adjust to being blind and knowing that being able to see is something of the past.
And then on the 22nd, I went to a chocolate festival that was being held at the Buda castle and man, did I get some chocolate. I have about a year’s supply now…though I’m sure it will last me until Christmas *grins* It was a lot of fun and I still can’t believe how many booths there were selling chocolate of all varieties and how I really wanted to buy them all but obviously can’t considering that it would be extremely expensive. Haha But I had a ton of fun and now I’m happy to say my chocolate cravings will not expire for the whole time I’m here…as European chocolate (especially Belgian and Swiss) are freaking delicious!

Any who, that concludes my update on my life here in Budapest. For more detailed specific days and pictures, please check out my blogging website as that will help to clarify specific events. Like the bike tour, the exhibition and the chocolate festival. Plus little pictures here and there of other random things.

Thanks for reading and hopefully the boredom bug hasn’t set in yet!

Student at Corvinus, University of Budapest, Hungary