Friday, October 12, 2012

Friends with a Menage Queen

—and her husband

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. You all may know me as “friend”, or “mutual friend” or even “friend of the family”. There are only a chosen few of you, that know my real name and what part I play in this relationship, but that is about to change with this blog.

My name is Marcello. I will not give my last name. No offense, but I do have family back in Napoli. LOL!

I am the very best friend of Guiseppe, Stephanie Williams’ husband. We have known each other for over 35 years. I have known Stephanie for 22 years. Guiseppe introduced me to her the second year he knew her.

I was smitten.

They were just good friends at the time. At least that’s what Stephanie kept telling herself. Guiseppe wanted more, but kept their relationship on a pure friendship basis. He was a bit, how you say…. frustrated. It was funny watching them together and Guiseppe trying everything to get her to see him as more than a friend.

I on the other hand, made my move. And she turned me down too. I couldn’t figure her out. She was so…so proper. Maybe that’s not the right word. But she would not date either one of us—then.

For me, she said I was too freaky. Not in looks, but she had this in her mind that I did odd things in bed and I would not be faithful. Not true on either.  I don’t know where she got that from. She said I just looked it.

Don’t know what that means to this day. I’m an average looking Southern Italian. Tall. Okay, Not all Italians are tall. I work out. My hair is longer than average and black. My eyes are not your normal what you think Italian eyes are. They are blue.

Does that sound freaky?

Oh well. My definition of freaky and hers may not be the same.

To no ones surprise, a couple of decades later, the two dated, then two years after that married. I was the best man. I was honored to be a part of their wedding. I am also honored to be a part of their lives now.

Our relationship is not complicated as some might think.

Guiseppe loves Stephanie very much. He will lie, steal, cheat and kill for her.

But so will I. You see, I love her too.

Still confused?

Read her ménage books. You’ll get it.

As you read from Guiseppes’ blog, Stephanie researched the ménage a trois lifestyle for her books, for months.

We joked around with her, making her feel uncomfortable. But Guiseppe and I enjoyed it. She didn’t know if we were being jokers. Pulling her leg as you say.

We let it drop for a while.

Then she started writing ménages. She has a few books now and several waiting to get published.

But unlike some books out there, her characters do not go through the motions. I mean, they are not having sex with each other for sex sake. They have a deep relationship beyond the bedroom. I think her ménage books are strong with character development.

That’s hard to write about I think, since most readers I believe want to read about the kinky sex. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have read other ménage books and they are not a deep as hers. Okay, I admit, I am biased, but I’m honest.

You maybe asking, if Stephanie comes to me for advise when writing these stories. She does. What she wants from me however is different from what she wants from her husband. And I mean that in more ways than one.

But I will not go into that.

I will always be the third partner brought into a committed relationship. So those are the questions she asks. For example, “How would you feel if another man asks you to sleep with her girlfriend/wife? And do you have to already have to have a relationship with them?

Is this coming from personal experience? I think you as the reader can figure that out.

Guiseppe and I are of the same mind, however we each bring something different to Stephanie in a way of research.

She can always come to me and ask anything that has to do with physical love. But she can also come to me when it comes to emotions too. Doesn’t that play a role in a ménage too?

Does her husband, my best friend, mind this relationship we have?

He encouraged it. He is a confidant man when it comes to his relationship with Stephanie. And he trusts for me to take care of her when he is not there or unable to. You may interpret that as you feel so. But that’s all you need to know.

How does Stephanie feel about me? She allowed me into her life, into her home and into her heart. And I think as a friend I could not ask for anything more.

To find out more about this lovely woman go to her blog: 

Her Ménage Books:

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Scarlet Hunter said...

As I sit here in front of my laptop after reading your post, I try to think of what to say when I realize I am blushing and can't type...or how to word it...hahahaha

Dang, did it get hotter in here all of a sudden?" ~Gets up to see if my heat is on~

Okay I'm back. It must be me so I'll continue. *grins* I loved - loved - loved reading this post.

Allowing us into your life, Marcello as well as Stephanie and her husband. It is moving to hear the two very important men in her life and how you two adore and worship Stephanie in more ways than one. *winks*

To have one, let alone two, in ones life is rare and I have to say, Marcello, you sound like a dream. *snickers*

I hope to hear more on your, Stephanie and her husband's journey. Thank you.

Stephanie Williams said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my guy's posts. I think I will do one, commenting on their observations and how I feel about our "arrangement".

It's interesting to say the least. And I do feel very lucky. :)