Friday, September 7, 2012

Married To A Menage Queen

by Guiseppe Spalino

For those of you that don’t know, I happen to be the husband of Stephanie Williams, the author of many Interracial erotica books.  And if you read a few of her blog posts, I am the inspiration or muse as you might say, to all of her heroes in those books.

Do I mind? No, as long as the hero is written in a positive light. LOL. But seriously, she has told me time and again that she gets inspiration from me, our relationship and the things we’ve been through over the past 25 plus years.

A few years ago, something new was put on the table. My wife decided, or should I say got interested in the threesome genre (Ménage a` trois), and the lifestyle. She asked one day: “Who are these people that participate in this?” 

For those of you that already know I’ll retell the story. For those that don’t, sit back and relax.

She did some research some years ago by going to an adult book and video store. She wanted to really know the ins and outs of a threesome and try to understand the mindset and people involved. We went with a mutual friend of ours, a man I’ve know for over 35 years and I introduced him to Stephanie about the second year I knew her.

The trip was very interesting. She was embarrassed going there and wore dark glasses and headscarf which drew more attention to her. LOL.

She looked high and low for the dvds that she wanted. She had to have dvds that featured a black woman and two white men. My friend and I thought we would mess with her; it was too good to pass up.

The store clerk did find a few videos, but there were no documentaries about the ménage lifestlye. They were porno, plain and simple. Please don’t ask me the names, I couldn’t tell you with a gun to my head. I think she bought a few books on the subject matter too. Where they are now, I couldn’t tell you that either.

After she rented the vids and bought the books, we went to an all night diner. This is when my friend and I decided to really mess with her.

My friend made a pass at her, hinting heavily that she shouldn’t just rely on a video, that maybe he could help. I joined in this play too. 

Stephanie’s face dropped. LOL

We could have let her off the hook, but we were having too much fun watching her get nervous. We literally continued this for weeks afterwards. She didn’t know if we where playing or not. Neither one of us physically did anything to her—at least not at the same time. WINK. But it was enough to confuse her and watch her squirm a bit.

Later, after we watched these bad films, read the books and messed with her some more, Stephanie started writing her first threesome story. She didn’t have a title yet and wasn’t sure if she was going to publish it. She said she was just dabbling in the genre.

I asked if I could help. She wondered how I could help since I never engaged in this lifestyle before. I told her she would be surprise how much I could contribute. Not only that, so could our mutual friend.

She never asked how. Not sure if she didn’t want to know the answer or not. So be it. 

From then on, she picked our brains. Asking if this was right, would they feel this way or that.  She did have a problem with position of body parts, since now there was an extra person in the relationship. We told her we could help her there too. WINK

I know a lot of you are asking if I’m jealous about the fact that my wife is writing all these threesome books.

No, I find it sexy. I’m sure you find that odd too. But let me explain.

I told you my wife uses me as her muse in all her stories. She also uses our mutual best friend. Since I know that when she writes a threesome book, she’s uses us as her inspiration, I don’t feel jealous at all. 

To tell you the truth, both of us are usually standing behind her as she writes, giving her tips, from a male’s perspective of course. 
She has written three threesome books so far and working on three others as of the writing of this post.

You still might find this strange. But if you knew the dynamics as you say of our relationship, you would see that it is very natural.

Has my wife taken her research a bit further than just picking our brains for information? That is something she would have to tell you. As for me, my lips are sealed on that one.

Let’s just say that since she’s been writing these kinds of stories our relationship is a lot more honest, happy, playful and we’re closer than ever.

Her one book is the closest thing to reflecting the dynamics of our relationship—ahem…the research part that is. The title is For Research Purposes Only. She is working on a sequel now. In fact, she held a contest for the readers to help her with ideas for the sequel.

For the book that closely resembles me in appearance, check out her story, It’s A Jungle Out There. In fact she did a blog post talking on that very subject. It was a 1Night Stand series:

To get in the mind of my wife on a more personal basis, go check out her blog. She updates it twice a month (or tries to), so keep going back to see what’s new in her life as a writer and what twisted things she has on her mind. She also has guest authors on there from time to time. Blog:


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